Artist Statement

The materials are equally important to the artistic message. For this reason, mixed media is often employed. It is through the use of material that meaningful thought is expressed. For example, in the piece entitled Morning Sounds, several materials are used: plaster, tin, pencil, and bronze. Plaster makes up a large portion of the composition expressing the roughness of any given day. However, the subordinate images are created with other materials which give them equal importance. The hand and the butterfly are created with colored pencils symbolizing the morning and nature. This gives way to the figure in the likeness of a saxophone. Created in bronze, the image, poised just in front of a textured tin back-drop to furnish a subtle but distinct contrast, represents the sounds of morning. It is an attempt to communicate a visceral dialogue.

The symbols we deal with most frequently are words.  I am concerned with the symbols as they occur in art, but most concerned with the symbols which result from the description that words provide. A good example of this is the use of materials. Their importance to the work of art can be seen in Jumping through Hoops.  The materials lend themselves effectively to the message. We are all very familiar with such experiences as jumping through hoops.

It is my desire to create works that fire up the audience emotionally, intellectually, and visually. I want to arouse all the senses in some way.


Leonard Dawson Jr.

                                                                                                                    Modern Master & Contemporary Artist